Thirsty Planet Brewery is Introducing Bottles…Soon

Off the beaten path in Southwest Austin lives a brewery seeking to quench the thirst (the beer thirst, that is) of the entire world. So far, it looks as though Thirsty Planet Brewery is well on its way of achieving that feat in Austin, TX.

What is so impressive about this operation, open since 2010, is that it’s run by just 4 full-time employees. Brian Smittle, the owner and founder, moved to Austin from Oklahoma, importing his passion for great beer and cultivated brew skills.  Every Saturday, Thirsty Planet opens its doors to visitors for a tour of their brewery. I had the opportunity to attend a tour last week, and I highly recommend it. I got to meet Smittle and one of his business partners, Mike Haiges, who graciously answered questions, shared expertise, and proved the age old formula that (beard + ponytail) = ultimate beer connoisseur.

photo (5)
Above are their 3 most popular brews: Yellow Armadillo (American Wheat Beer), Thirsty Goat (Amber), and Bucket Head (IPA). Little known fact: Bucket Head Ale has 8.9% alcohol. Woah.

photo (7)
Brian, pictured here, was our informative tour guide. Love it that he’s drinking a beer during the tour. That’s a good sign.

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For the last 3 years, Thirsty Planet beer was only available in kegs, which the bootstrapping brewmen actually used to personally drop off at local bars. Exciting news, then, that later this year, they will begin to bottle their brews. Not only will it be available in more bars and restaurants, you’ll soon be able to pick it up at your local grocery store. You heard it here.

photo (8)
My favorite pick, the Yellow Armadillo, is an American wheat beer and has the consistency and drinkability of Corona or Dos Equis.  This is my own opinion and not the brewers’ description, although I think they used the word “drinkability.”

Thirsty Planet Brewery is open to the public for tours every Saturday. The tours are free, but you can buy a Thirsty Goat beer glass for your tasting. It’s $7 and worth it for the souvenir. Sign up online. Address: 11160 Circle Drive, Austin, TX 78736.

Bonus Brew!
Franklin Smoked Pecan Porter – A porter containing malts smoked in Franklin’s very own smoker.
photo (9)
I could not get over the smell of this beer. It literally smelled like BBQ. An absolute must for any BBQ snob this side of the Mississippi.

Alright kids… go try it!

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