Share Your Truth: Stand Out on LinkedIn

It’s hard to find original content in my LinkedIn feed. Does anybody feel the same way? It’s mostly links that I don’t have time to read “right now” and shares of other user’s posts that aren’t super-relevant to me. With so much third-party content in my feed, it seems like with a little effort and creativity, it would be pretty easy to set yourself (or your brand) apart on Linkedin.

This deluge of shared content on the social networking platform proves the 1:9:90 model that Bob Pearson talks about in his new book, Storytizing (and everything else he’s ever written), is alive, well and thriving.

In the 1:9:90 paradigm, 1% of users generate content, 9% share the content with others, and 90% just soak it in and learn from it.

As Bob writes, the 9% is exploding in influence. The ubiquity of mobile and social sharing platforms make it easy to spread a message with just a few taps and swipes. It’s a pretty light lift for the user. Employee advocacy platforms like Dynamic Signal and Everyone Social, empower more and more workers to easily share stories and articles on LinkedIn, which is a good thing for brands, because, according to Bob, “the 9% carry the biggest megaphone.”

Perhaps the flood of shared content on LinkedIn is the result of a social currency exchange, as in,”Hey dude, I’m sharing and liking your stuff pretty regularly. Notice me! Remember me when it’s time for that promotion or career move.” That, or I’m watching too much Gary Vee on Snapchat (Jab, Jab, Right Hook). Either way, from my perspective (focus group of one), original stories with truth and life experience as central themes tend to stand out in a sea of Forbes articles and job recs.

Maybe it’s time for the 9% to take a page from the 1% and share their knowledge and stories with the world, rather than just share links.

So, though it requires a bit more effort, creating original content seems to be one simple way to stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn. Now comes the tough part… making it good!

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