3 Personal Social Media Resolutions for 2016

“You say that you’re a social media specialist, so why do have so few Twitter followers?” A few years ago, I was asked this question during a job interview. While swallowing my defensive reflex, I calmly listed the brand channels that I had managed and their steady growth and performance, explaining that I was locked-in (and logged-in) to those channels at all times – and as a result, had let my personal social presence go silent.

The natural result that occurs when working in a corporate social environment is that you become more corporate-minded, and in my case, much less personal-brand-minded. Building and managing social media channels for brands for the last few years, I’ve let the time and effort I put into my personal channels wane at the expense of saving all the BEST POSTS and creativity for my brands’ channels. By the time I get around to posting on my personal social channels, I feel a twinge of narcissism and “who cares?”

With all that said, in 2016, I’m turning a new leaf (or  <Right click> Open New Tab) and these are my social resolutions for 2016:

Say “Hello”

Whether it’s retweeting a colleagues’ tweet or commenting on an influencer’s Instagram photo, one way to workout those social muscles is to be social on social. This is a tip I remember hearing from @Lionel Menchaca (@LionelGeek) at W2O Group when I asked how he attained so many Twitter followers. It’s one thing to attend a cocktail party, but if you don’t talk to anyone, what’s the point of even being there? That said, you will see more of me creeping on your posts – liking, commenting. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Lurk, learn and share – in the right place (and that place is Snapchat)

Gone are the days of stream of consciousness Facebook posts (except for a that one rogue relative waxing about how Trump “has some good points”). The place to offer play-by-play on each bite of that delicious sandwich is on Snapchat. I’m not a huge Snapper (again – who cares?), but I am a lurker. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I get most of my news from Snapchat Discover (CNN, Mashable, and yes, DailyMail for my celebrity gossip). Every morning, I wake up and tap through all the top stories. By the time I get out of bed, I feel as though I’m caught up on current events, and as a bonus, I know that Justin Bieber is on a beach vacation with his family and Haley Baldwin is his new main squeeze. Sharing via Snapchat stories is a great method of stringing together a series of events in one day – like a fun vacation or behind-the-scenes at a product launch (through your own eyes). I would like to produce more of that kind of content for my personal channels.

Publish more content on personal channels

I hesitate here to say “Blog more” or “tweet more” or “post more on Instagram” – again the the workout motif – writing is akin to a muscle group that you can develop and strengthen… it can also atrophy. As an English major in college, I’ve had to write my fair share of essays and papers, but I was always a little rusty (as I am now) right after a long break. My goal is to become a more prolific writer in the form of tweets, blog posts, and hopefully not too many emails. After all, I need to justify the $10/year I spend owning the URL http://socialkelsey.com.

What are your social media resolutions for 2016? Comment below or tweet me at @socialkelsey.

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