6 Pairs of Brands Owned by the Same Companies

In the world of consumer packaged goods, there are 10 global corporations that own the lion’s share of the market.  This series, we will explore the world of “competing” brands that are owned by the same companies.

brand matrix

Series #1: Fake Competitors

Herbal Essences and Pantene (P&G)
Zooey and Nicole… your up-dos are looking pretty similar. Something’s clearly up (see what I did there?). Pantene Zooey shows the more polished demure look, while Herbal Nicole flaunts the “messy” bun. Messy is it quotes because you know it takes at least a few hours to look like you don’t care. I guess I just didn’t see the prim and proper Pantene being bedfellows with the devil may care Herbal Essences. Remember the old Herbal commercials? yes. Yes. YES! I do! It was like watching Grease as a kid, then watching it as an adult. Woosh. It went right over my head.

Dove for Men and Axe (Unilever)
dove and axe
I know this kind of stuff keeps you up at night… like who has market share on men’s body spray. The record needs be set straight. These are the same thing.

Trident and Dentyne (Kraft)
Starting to feel betrayed, yet? It’s soooo obvious now. TriDENT and DENTyne. For the record, Dentyne is way better. That’s a fact.

Perrier and Pellegrino (Kraft)
Pellegrino and Perre
Say what? San Pellegrino is fancy… but fancier than Perrier?? Question: Which one is in the glass bottle? That right there will tell you the level of fancy. Answer: Both come in plastic and glass. Dang it! Question: Which one do I pick when I when I want to feel French? Answer: Why not just pick one and go with it… or read this, because apparently there are HUGE differences between the two sparkling beverages.

Tide, Gain, Cheer (P&G)
tide gain cheer
This is just getting out of hand.

Frutopia and Fanta (CocaCola)
fanta frutopia
Are you a juice? no. Are you a soda? not one that I spend money on. Is it deceiving to put fresh fruit on your label? Yeah, but it’s the nature of the game.  Seems like Frutopia was mostly phased out a few years ago, but it still appears on some Coke-owned Minute-Maid products

Thank you for reading and please tune in next time for Part 2: “Brands Owned by the Same Companies… THE SAME PRODUCT”

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